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Making Wilden | Valfaccenda, a visionary wine label

Wilden.herbals meets makers and artisans close to the healthy and wild philosophy. Today we introduce you to Valfaccenda, visionary winemakers.

Revolutionizing the way we live starting from simple things. Passion is what moves even the smallest cultural act. A concept made real by the respect for nature that drives projects and producers close to Wilden.herbals. The common thread that binds them is the desire to see the world with renewed eyes. Let’s find out more about their story.

Luca and Carolina: Valfaccenda

Warehouse of ideas, project of life”, Valfaccenda was born in 2010 in Roero. The founders, still students in their early twenties, told us that they already had clear ideas and a distinct vision of the future they wanted. Only one small piece was missing: to realize it. Here is the story of Carolina and Luca.

Carolina, Luca and Valfaccenda: can you tell us your story as if you were a wine?

Luca is certainly an Arneis, which in Piedmontese dialect means brat, but also instrument. The Arneis is as solid as a toy soldier and has a nice character, but it doesn’t show it to everyone – it is a grape that overcomes stereotypes with unexpected results. Carolina is a Nebbiolo, born on the sands, a jovial wine from the very first sip, but capable of great demonstrations of fidelity and reliability over the years. A light flavor in tandem with an intense and vibrant aroma.

What does hospitality mean to you? Is there an object / place that represents this word for you?

For us, hospitality means opening the doors of our dynamic microcosm. The guests of the Cascina must feel at home, here they can do nothing at all, read a book with a glass of our wines, take a walk in the vineyard or come with us to the cellar.

Perhaps the place that best encompasses these possibilities is the small tower, the symbol of our house, built in 1928 and restored with hard work for the last 5 years. It’s an open space, but at the same time perceived as enclosed, with a 360 ° view on our vineyards and on the first hills of the Roero, on the border with the province of Asti. The last place in the house to see the sun set and that extends the last few minutes of light, when the rest is already in the shade.

What does it mean to be wine artisans today?

From 2010 to today, many things have changed, but basically the approach and philosophy have remained the same. We have improved in the management of the vineyards, we know our plots better, we apply a conservative approach in the cellar.
Around us we have noticed a greater attention to the world of wine – even for the natural type, and consumers, as well as operators, are prepared and open to taste products that are out of the ordinary.

We are happy with this new awareness, but we remain very attached to the “Piemontese” way of doing things, we shun fashions and labels, we are always the same and we do not accept that the methods of winemaking become more important than the taste of the wine itself.

How do you carry forward the concept of sustainability in your reality?

On a global level, in order to guarantee significant results, it is necessary to create a system by creating a link with the other realities of the territory. Collaboration with other farmers is necessary, but also with local administrations and their protection bodies.
Furthermore, the concept of sustainability should not only be linked to the modus operandi, sustainability is choosing to vinify only the varieties of our territory, sustainability is being able to work only with your team without resorting to external riders.

Valfaccenda and Wilden.herbals: the common ground and history of this collaboration.

The collaboration started after a few glasses of wine while we sat at the table in our tasting room. We have the same passion for research and attention to an unconventional product, the love for the raw material and for the graphic part that dresses the products: absolutely recognizable, well-finished and simply beautiful!

What does ‘Healthy and wild’ mean to you?

We started out as the young and the new ones, today we have become interpreters of a landscape and a territory: our Roero.
Since then we have experienced the rebirth of this land, no longer in the shade of the more famous neighbors (Langhe). Thanks to a very specific identity. Roero is rock’n roll: multifaceted, demanding, unconventional. In our wines we try to faithfully translate the vineyards we work, seeking the elegance of the sand and avoiding the superfluous … This is the healthy and wild Roero that we like!

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