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Making Wilden | Come back to earth with Good Land

Wilden.herbals meets makers and artisans close to the healthy and wild philosophy. Today we introduce you to Good Land, a rural regeneration project.

Revolutionizing the way we live starting from simple things. Passion is what moves even the smallest cultural act. A concept made real by the respect for nature that drives projects and producers close to Wilden.herbals. The common thread that binds them is the desire to see the world with renewed eyes. Let’s find out more about their story.

Back to earth, to rediscover what is essential. Although very popular in recent years, this goal still seems unachievable. But Good Land, a young rural regeneration company, is on a mission to find a way to make it happen. Their best tool to promote an economy attentive to small farms and to nature? Networking. We chatted with two of the founders, Lucio Cavazzoni and Rita Brugnara – this is their story.

How did Good Land come about?

Good Land was born ‘by mistake’ or rather by serendipity. The initial idea was to create a project that would find answers to the problem of inland areas. In our country, as indeed in all of Europe actually, there are entire areas that were agricultural once, and now are abandoned. After some time, abandonment brings social and environmental problems. It’s easy to explain: where there is abandonment there is no community and where there is no community there is a lack of care for the territory.

When this situation arises the forest takes over cultivated lands and pastures, while water that is no longer ‘regimented’ erodes the land and facilitates landslides. Not to mention the greatest risks of fires. There is a National strategy dedicated to inland areas with special resources to facilitate their economy. And to come back to our initial project, we created a team with different professionals, including geologists, urban planners, architects, sociologists, agronomists, and communicators, to design new solutions.

But very quickly we realized that the objectives of the National strategy had a different time frame from ours. That is why we changed our mission: creating products that would improve marginal territories. We immediately called them project-products. Products that are the result of projects with a strong environmental, social and cultural impact.

What is your philosophy? 

We divide it into three main concepts. 

Project-products. Making organic and quality products are a prerequisite for us. Today the object of the business must stem from an environmental and social restorative and equity drive from the outset. Regenerating is a keyword for us. This is why each of our products comes from an environmental and social project of territorial reconstitution. The ultimate goal remains territorial prosperity 

Small farming that does good. Faced with a constant industrialization of agriculture and food, we choose a type of agriculture that can be defined as small and medium. Which is to say the one that not only works the land but also lives its everyday life. We believe it should be considered everyone’s home. And finally, obviously, an agriculture that respects biodiversity and the animals it raises.

Products that are questions. We are interested in establishing a relationship with the user of our products. An act that should raise awareness about the commitment of millions of farmers who, often without recognition, operate socially and agronomically in a proper and honest way, contributing to the protection of air, water, and fertility of the earth.

How does a Good Land intervention come to be? 

It is usually born out of a need, and more specifically from the necessity to help out and give value to those who care about their territory and respect their soil.

Plants and Nature: tell us an anecdote that comes from your life / profession.

The bees involved in the important task of nutrition of the young larvae will visit each of them 3-4 times a day to pour a droplet of nourishment made out of  royal jelly and a mixture of pollen and nectar. But that is nothing compared to the impressive number of 2500-3000 visits they make just to touch them and caress them. This is called parental care. Sisterhood.

What doesHealthy and Wild” mean to you?

I like the combination of these two words. I always say that our products are wild, as in close to nature. But it can also define the farmers who produce them. Wild as the campesinos I met in Costa Rica are. To us it means being in harmony with the plants, the earth, the animals, the air, the water. A balance between material and immaterial.

Photo: © 2021 Good Land
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