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Rewilding Appennines Seminar: revitalization and liveability 2.0

What does inhabiting low population density rural areas mean nowadays? The seminar Rewilding Appenines took place in the green region of Abruzzo and offered a reflection on the future of living.

This article will tell you about Rewilding Appennines Seminar: the project, the seminar, Rewilding Appennines Seminar and Wilden.herbals.

Reaching Pettorano sul Gizio from Milan was a little adventure in itself. We flanked for the most part the central Appennines until Pescara, then we entered the national parks area.

Rewilding Appennines Seminar: valorizzazione e vivibilità 2.0

Rewilding Appennines Seminar: the project

Travelling feels even more special these days. We had a lot of positive vibes from the very beginning: the reason behind this trip was to reach a little village nestled in The National Park of Abruzzo in order to attend Rewilding Appennines, a seminar on rewilding economy and designing opportunities for rural areas. There is more and more need to discuss new ways of living: we feel the urge to rethink new crafts, new networks, new communities.

Pettorano sul Gizio, Abruzzo

Rewilding Appennines: the seminar

The seminar took place from 1st to 4th October. It was a really special bonding moment to share personal stories, to exchange views and to create a new design scenario for livable natural parks and their inhabitants: animals, plants and humans.

Rewilding Appennines Seminar and Wilden.herbals

Wilden.herbals is just at the beginning of its journey: we started in a big city such as Milan, not without difficulty, but we are happy to do our part to be as respectful as possibile to the environment. It’a a long and challenging path to build a short supply chain and it depends on seasonal cycles and harvest.

At the seminar we shared our path, telling how far along we’ve gone and how important it is to design a cohesive identity made of principles and environmental and creative values. All this without forgetting the digital dimension, a fundamental condition for every project to exist nowadays.

Medicinal plants are a real opportunity for our country’s rural and peripheral areas. What we need is to give value to endemic plants variety, to learn their uses and properties, to season our recipes and to revitalize the value of traditional knowledge by revising it for the future.

From many perspectives, our country’s rural areas are difficult to inhabit if we confront them to the frenzy and almost aseptic city life. At the same time it’s indisputable they can offer new life horizons – above all if we think about the crise of cities these days.

Networking in rural areas and creating temporary residences and shared services are opportunities for contamination. Redesigning villages, ideal places for detailed field-researches and lively creative hubs – always connected yet intersected with simple life.

Landscape is not only geographical. It’s the process that turns the inside world into the outside one. Landscape is made up of spaces, materials, noises, smells and gazes; places are nothing but what we make of them.

Let’s start thinking ourselves as more resilient and creative beings. Now is the time.

by Nicola Robecchi