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Meet the team: the distribution of Wilden

A conversation with Wilden.herbals team and the multifaceted personalities behind the project. Today we meet Carolina Setragno and Giacomo Sandri, Wilden.herbals Brand Ambassador.

When we say that Wilden. herbals is made of people, it is not a sentence made. Each member of the team is a galaxy in itself, able to bring its own personal and unique vision. Wilden was born as a project and vision before he was even produced. In this new column, we tell you about the Wilden. herbals team in tandem as for partners in crime that work best.

Carolina Setragno and Giacomo Sandri are Wilden. herbals commercial tandem. Their mission is to spread the wild philosophy and make known the products of a reality in which they are the first to believe firmly. Here is their story.


Carolina Setragno: 28
Giacomo Sandri: 34


CS: Brand Ambassador and Sales Manager 
GS: Brand Ambassador and Sales Manager


CS: Buy a van
GS: Finding a few hectares of land to grow my vineyard

Carolina Setragno

You and the cooking? 

CS: My favorite place. I love to try ethnic and/or vegan recipes
GS: A passion that relaxes me and that continually stimulates my imagination. Best dish? The risotto, like a good ‘novarese’ man

Other talents? 

CS: Strumming guitar and ukulele for the pure taste of singing in a group
GS: The art of getting by


CS: Simple, a little bit hippie. Never in total black
GS: Jeans and T-shirt

Giacomo Sandri

Working together is: 

CS: Take a step back, knowing that by doing so you will make two forward.
GS: Stimulating when you have mutual respect, an opportunity for growth through humility, useful for comparing and questioning

Where can you meet more often? 

CS: To walk up and down the hills
GS: In some wine shop to drink a glass of carefully selected wine

When do you feel “Sano e Selvaggio”? 

CS: When I pick the fruit from the trees
GS: When I immerse myself in nature at 360 °, going in search of some powder through free-ride with friends.