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Wilden.herbals Gift Boxes: inside the box

From morning to evening, Wilden.herbals gift boxes accompany you all day and today we are talking about a fundamental moment: the break.

Gift boxes dedicated to pause: the gift box for smart-working and the wellness gift box by Wilden.herbals.

A break is not just a moment of suspension from normal daily activities. A break is respect, time for oneself, a ritual and a gesture of love. Whether it is in the morning or before going to bed, Wilden.herbals is not just a company specialized in the production of organic herbal teas, it is a movement that starts from the bottom, from the depths of each of us, and is constantly looking for the well-being that more and more often it seems to be missing.

For us, in fact, the break is a serious matter. This does not mean cultivating a certain laxity, but knowing how to listen to your body consciously and knowing how to recognize when it is time to stop and take a moment for yourself. For a beneficial break, Wilden.herbals has created the Pause and Wellness gift boxes. Wilden.herbals herbal teas meet ad hoc selected ingredients and snacks, to make your ‘Break’ a truly unique moment.

Here’s what you find inside:

The gift box for smart-working

Do you ever want to take a genuine break with all of yourself? Even if many of you are doing smart-working, staying at home all day in front of the PC is not exactly a walk. In all senses. This is why Wilden.herbals created the Pause gift box; designed for all creative and non-creative workers who work from home, this box is available in three different formats.

In addition to the Wilden.herbals herbal teas, the box contains a selection of products identified after careful research. From the tasty snacks of Prima Colta, a company specialized in the production and processing of dried fruit, to the biscuits of Opera Waiting, all the selected producers are in line with the ‘wild’ philosophy of Wilden.herbals. There is a short, organic supply chain and respect for nature are always at the center and their products are to be discovered.

Wellness gift box by Wilden.herbals

The Wellness gift box was created to cultivate well-being at home. Available in three sizes, this box is designed for those who see a refuge in their home with small daily rituals. Such as? Inside, the seeds of Piccolo Seeds‘ friends will be the perfect excuse to start having a balcony garden. And for afternoons of reading, Paola Barzanò‘s creations will infuse all the wellness you will need. 

Seeing is believing. Here you will find all the information; if you want to read more about our philosophy, Sani & Selvaggi is waiting for you.