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Gift Boxes by Wilden: gift ideas for Christmas to fill up on infusions, well-being and goodies

Have you already chosen how to pack a gift full of pleasure and well-being for these holidays? In this article you will find some ideas.

It’s that time of the year again, the one in which the holiday countdown is officially started. At the time of writing this article, Christmas is a month away but we are sure that you might read it closer to the holidays, when you will be desperately looking for gift ideas and… good news, you are in the right place with our Gift Boxes.

☞ Too curious? Let’s have a look already!

Wilden Gift Boxes, the perfect choice for your Christmas gift idea

Wilden’s Gift Boxes are a Christmas gift idea for someone you love – or simply for yourself. Imagine them as a treasure chest full of wonders, a good choice to surprise with genuine and delicious products carefully selected by us at Wilden.herbals: inside you will find not only our herbal teas and drinks, but a whole universe of good things.

From breakfast to evening, our Gift Boxes allow you to take a break and embrace a wellness ritual in the company of our herbal infusions.

Why choose a Wilden Gift Box and why they cannot be missing under the tree

Do you know that delightful feeling when you unwrap a package? Here, we at Wilden want to replicate that same emotion of amazement and wonder with our Gift Boxes, perfect to put under the tree for the Christmas holidays or as a gift for no specific reason at all!

For the autumn-winter 2022 season we have thought of 8 kinds of gift boxes, all customizable in size. Yes, for each one of them you will find 3 formats (small, medium, large) that give you maximum freedom of customization with 3 scalable quantities of teabags in the mixes (23, 32 and 64).

Then there is a question of identification: each Gift Box is a world that reflects a personality, a lifestyle or a precise routine. We are sure of it: among 8 Boxes there will certainly be the one that’s right for you. Finally, there is the beauty of supporting a small and attentive reality like Wilden and like those of the genuine products that we have selected to accompany our herbal teas and drinks. The gift thus becomes a true declaration of love.

☞ A gift full of well-being

Gift Boxes for every moment of the day (aperitif included!)

Many of our herbal teas in the Remedium line are designed to be consumed at specific times of the day. We can say the same about three of our Gift Boxes:

  • Breakfast – Gift Box, or those who believe in the ritual of breakfast. You will find shortbread biscuits, spreadable cream, wild blackberry jam and a glass carafe for a royal breakfast together with our herbal teas.
  • Happy Hour – Gift Box, the kit to experience the happiest hour of the day. A Gift Box that reinterprets the collective happy hour ritual in a wild key with our fermented botanical drinks, a delicious sweet and salty jam of peppers and honey, hazelnuts and a shopper.
  • Night – Gift Box, your favorite goodnight. Dedicated to the ones who think a good herbal tea is the right way to end a long day, plus a sweet treat prepared by the Mamù pastry shop, orange marmalade and a teapot.

The Gift Boxes that combine infusions and water bottle so you don’t run out of ideas

The Gift Boxes that are a perfect combo, a Tinder match if you wish: herbal tea + water bottle! To be on the safe side, we offer you these two:

  • Drink Me – Gift Box, your new reminder to stay hydrated. A paper box of your favorite Remedium together with the mustard-yellow Kinto water bottle. Just remember to take a selfie with it and tag us on Instagram!
  • Love at First Mix – Gift Box, an immediate love at first sight. How can you not fall in love with such an incredible pairing: a mix of 24 tea bags and the orange Kinto bottle. The couple that will follow you during the whole day!

The Gift Boxes for those seeking balance and special delicacies

We have thought of Gift Boxes to satisfy every palate. A perfect example, these three wonders:

  • Mix’n Sweet – Gift Box, the gourmet box for those who love sweet flavors. It contains sweet excellences that enrich the world of herbal teas: chocolate from raw materials, honey rich in pollen and biscuits that are a small masterpiece.
  • Natural – Gift Box, a tribute to nature. It is the ideal box for a gift idea for those who love herbal teas and show special attention to eco-friendly products such as our textile accessories.
  • Mix – Box, a mix with all our Remedia, dedicated to those that refuse to choose and want to experiment with new tastes everyday.

Some of the specialties you can only find in our Gift Boxes

Each year our Gift Boxes change as concept and assortment: for your gifts there is always something new, unexpected, chosen with care. This year we recommend:

  • Cacao Disidente, a 70% dark chocolate bar with the highest quality of cocoa grown in Colombia. You can find it in the Natural Gift Box;
  • Morning Frollini, shortbreads that mix our Morning herbal tea exclusively made by Mamù, an artisan pastry shop in Piedmont. Find them in the Breakfast Gift Box;
  • The honey sweetened pepper jam from the Alba farm based in the heart of Molise, perfect for your aperitif, which is why you can find it in the Happy Hour Gift Box;
  • The glass carafe with an infuser cap or the Tumbler To Go: two accessories for different occasions, the first is part of the Breakfast Gift Box Breakfast, the second one is perfect for your wild travels and you can find it in the Mix’ n Sweet Gift Box.

​​As we like to say: a box is perfect at all times. But with the holidays it becomes magical.

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