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Frècc and Terrae, a picnic on the traces of peasant culture

For three hot days in August, Barrea, a small medieval village perched on a rocky spur, became the capital of Abruzzo food and wine.

From the 20th to the 22nd of August, in this splendid setting, it took place the very first edition of Terrae, which attracted winegrowers, oenologists, food and wine experts and onlookers from all over Italy.Wilden.herbals dived into this adventure by taking part in a special event: a trekking organized by the tireless duo of Provviste, Martina Liverani and Valeria Carbone.

Two good reasons we certainly couldn’t miss it

Terrae has been defined as a cultural wunderkammer, where food and wine get intertwined with the major arts – creating an event for everyone. Here the ancient peasant knowledge is mixed with contemporary theatrical, musical and video installations. During these three days the topics on everyone’s lips were those two elements we like to think can never be missing on the table.

Wine was the protagonist (or the pretext as the organizers like to say) with more than 20 winemakers coming from near and far lands. While the co-star for this first edition was bread, a never ending topic for tasting tables, workshops and seminars.

Discovering the ancient peasant culture

The Barrea Valley is embraced by the emerald green beech forest and surrounded by high mountains that reach up to 2249 meters above sea level. The gaze of those who enter it for the first time, however, is first captured by the lake: a mirror of water that reflects all of this enchanting landscape. It might seem like an eternal place, stopped in time for centuries, yet during our itinerary we will discover that it has not always been this way.

The hike path studied by Provviste, in fact, will lead us to uncover the many transformations from a naturalistic and cultural point of view that have taken place in this ancient territory that has always been dedicated to peasant culture.

A tasty break: enjoying a picnic while sipping Frècc

The path, which started right from the inhabited center of Barrea, led us between mule tracks and beech forests to the Jannanghera spring. Here, lulled by the tinkling sound of water on the stones, we decided to refresh ourselves with a tasty picnic.

What better place to enjoy our new Frècc n°4 Hangover with bare feet in the coolest water surrounded by greenery? It was the perfect way to reconnect with the healthy and wild soul that is in all of us. At once we felt that in the beauty of these territories we could find new strength and inspiration.

We can’t wait to go back for a second edition and to embark on new flavourful adventures.