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Festive herbal teas: the flavours of the holidays in your cup

The holidays bring together a magical atmosphere and a desire for sharing, comfort, and well-being. During this enchanting time, nothing can compare to the pleasure of wrapping yourself in a soft blanket, admiring the twinkling lights and enjoying a steaming cup of herbal tea.

Our aromatic herbal teas not only delight the palate, but also offer a wide range of benefits for the body and mind. In order to fully enjoy the essence of the holidays, here is our selection of herbal teas that will convey your senses on a journey of taste and relaxation. During the Christmas season, treat yourself with the pleasure of a moment dedicated to yourself, wrapped in the gentleness and fragrances of festive teas. Each cup is a caress for the soul, a moment of refreshment and joy in a special time. Happy holidays and happy sipping!

Remedium No. 0 Morning – The Perfect Start

Start your day with Remedium No. 0 Morning tea, a vigorous combination of ingredients like cinnamon, cocoa and Siberian ginseng. Morning is designed to stimulate your spirit and provide you with a boost of positive sensations since the morning. A perfect tea to drink on Christmas Eve morning, to start the holidays with good mood and energy!

Remedium No. 1 Night – Restful Sleep

Immerse yourself in the sweetness of Remedium No. 1 Night tea, to end the day. Chamomile, mallow and star anise: this tea is the perfect ally to relax and prepare for a rejuvenating night. With the frenzy and adrenaline of the holidays, it will help you fall asleep and improve the quality of your night’s rest, a perfect conclusion to the long festive days.

Remedium No. 3 Digestive – After Festive Feasts

After an abundant festive dinner, we recommend our Remedium No. 3 Digestive tea with fennel, peppermint, and lemon. This combination helps digestion and provides relief. Sage, lemon balm and fennel complete the circle of flavours with a sweet and delicate aftertaste that ensures a protective effect for the liver, preparing it for the next meal (8 hours later!).

Remedium No. 4 Hangover – The Day-After Aid

After the New Year’s Eve celebration, Remedium No. 4 Hangover tea with a mix of 12 herbs, including ginger and black pepper, is your ally to regain balance and purify your body. In this Remedium, we find lemon, lemongrass and orange, ingredients rich in Vitamin C with toning properties, capable of giving us a good dose of energy despite the late hours. The synergistic action of these plants also benefits the liver, stomach and intestines, which can be fatigued due to alcoholic beverages.