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After the holidays, to start again with balance and harmony

Dopo l'effervescenza delle festività natalizie, è giunto il momento di dedicarsi a un dolce rituale di cura e benessere: le tisane post feste. Tra gli echi festosi dei giorni trascorsi, immergersi nella delicatezza di queste bevande aromatiche diventa un gesto rigenerante per mente e corpo.

This selection of herbal teas is designed to soothe the tired body and rebalance the soul after the festive season. We will discover together how these infusions can turn into little elixirs of well-being, giving us a warm, enveloping embrace that gently accompanies the transition from the effervescence of celebrations to the restoration of inner serenity.

Let’s get ready to indulge in a moment of aromatic pampering and discover the secrets of these herbal teas that become the perfect finishing touch to close the chapter of the festive season and embrace with vitality the new year that is opening before us.

Remedium No. 2 Boost – The ally for the immune system

Remedium No. 2 Boost herbal tea is a concentrate of antioxidants and immune-stimulants that combines the pharmacological properties of turmeric with the action of other herbs such as elderberry and bay leaf, offering a lively and revitalising mix to protect the body against risk factors and to prevent and treat cold symptoms. Between the festivities, cold weather and hearty meals, it is important to support the immune system!

Remedium No. 5 Focus – Concentration and conception

When the mind needs clarity, Remedium No. 5 Focus herbal tea is the ideal choice. It is not easy to return to your routine after the long festive break, which is why the balance of this herbal tea is helpful in regaining harmony, making it easier and supporting your creativity in thinking about new projects and goals for the new year.

A Mediterranean journey, thanks to the freshness of mint and basil, which becomes sweet with verbena and melissa moldavica – ideal for regaining focus.

Remedium No. 6 Relax – Finally, some peace and quiet

Between Christmas and New Year, friends and relatives may feel the need to take a moment of peace and quiet. Remedium No. 6 Relax, with its aromatic and Mediterranean scents, accompanies moments of rest and meditation thanks to its relaxing properties. A quality rest to give you the right charge to face the new beginning with serenity.

Remedium No 7 Detox – To regain balance

After 1st January, it is time to take care of your body. Remedium No. 7 Detox is a herbal tea with purifying properties that help eliminate accumulated toxins. A blend of medicinal plants with a detoxifying action that comes to the rescue after the frenzy of the festive season, amidst a lot of food and good wine, a true panacea for the body.

A harmonious and balanced blend of bitter and balsamic, slightly acidic and astringent notes, with a hint of sweetness from woodruff and the pungent but delicate notes of fenugreek and nettle, together with helichrysum, ginger and horsetail.

Remedium No. 8 Reborn – Rebirth and new beginning

Finally, Remedium No. 8 Reborn herbal tea with lavender, bergamot and fragrant verbena is the right companion to start a new year, full of moments of joy, goals and dreams. Reborn is dedicated to purification, revitalisation and increased energy. It is the charge for a new beginning, fresh and ours alone.