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Wild mixology with Walter Gosso

Walter Gosso is a real ambassador of good drinking. With a career of important awards behind him, Rinaldi's 1957 Advocacy Manager reveals his path and a recipe.

Background: Where does your career as a barman come from?

The passion for the world of spirits and cocktails is born at a young age, when I was 14 years old, thanks to my cousin who had a small village bar. He conveyed to me the passion to stand behind a counter and serve his guests. Then, during my career, my curiosity for the production of spirits grew, which led me to know Master Distillers and experience firsthand with visits and courses, various distilleries in the world. 

Plants and Nature: an anecdote in your life / profession.

The collaboration with distilleries in the creation of spirits or spirits led me in some cases to the collection of herbs, roots or wild berries. I still remember when I discovered wild juniper in the Maritime Alps, I was amazed by their perfume and juice or when I followed a Master Herbalist in the Génépi collection for the production of the same liqueur.

When do you feel “Sano e Selvaggio”?

I feel “Sano e Selvaggio” when I leave for a picnic in the woods, I bring with me a nice bottle of spirits, good bread accompanied by cheeses and I can enjoy all this in full freedom with the surrounding nature, let’s say in a wild pic-nic!

If I say “Share your nature”, what would you tell me?

I would tell about my experience in researching herbs and wild fruit to create syrups or natural infusions for the creation of cocktails, or my passion for mushroom picking that was born as a child with my father.

Can you tell us your recipe?

The cocktail I created is a Tom Collins citrus with a pinch of saffron and black cherries to garnish. I chose the Remedium n. 2 – Boost, because it has a refreshing touch.

Herbal cocktails: a world to be explored

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