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When taking a break from work with herbal tea is truly regenerative

A new way of taking care of yourself. Your new break that's good for body and mind is completely natural and caffeine-free

Are you one of those people who, when they say ‘break’, can’t fail to add the word ‘coffee’? At Wilden.herbals we want to introduce you to a new way of experiencing this ritual, one that is truly a moment dedicated to you, that makes you feel good and that is revitalizing – this time for real, though.

Why choose herbal tea when taking a break from work                                        

If you spend most of your day in an office, and even more so if your home has turned into a workplace, it is not easy to indulge in a moment of true relaxation. A healthy work routine, however, is the one that not only allows you to disconnect from time to time, rather it is the one that encourages you to do so, following the needs and requests of your body.

And it’s not just us who say it, the power of taking a break is now confirmed and approved by several international studies that compare the pause to real fuel for the brain. Taking periods of inactivity during the day helps not only to relieve stress, but also to get back to work with new energy and new ideas.

A break with Wilden.herbals herbal teas is:

  • caffeine-free

The world is divided into two opposing factions: those who think they cannot do without coffee and those who cannot drink it, because it causes burning, causes agitation or is simply not to their taste. Wilden herbal teas are here to try to bring peace between these two schools of thought. Herbal teas are the perfect alternative for those who want to reduce their consumption of caffeine and for those looking for a tasty drink to sip along the day.

  • a true moment of relaxation

The time and ritual gestures required for the preparation of an herbal tea make your pause from work a real moment of ‘break away’. It is not enough to just leave your workstation for a short moment to actually take a break. A break that is truly such allows you to unwind and makes you feel good about yourself.

  • tonic and energizing in a completely natural way, with no added sugar or aromas

Wilden.herbals infusions do not need to be sweetened. On the contrary, they are made to favor the natural purification of the body.

The infusions that are most suitable for a break from work

Who said that only coffee helps you wake up? Our first recipe was born precisely to dispel this myth. Inside, in fact, you will find a blend of plants and medicinal herbs that act synergistically to promote tone, good mood and energy in a completely natural way, adapting to circadian rhythms.

We have put together those ingredients that help you start the day on the right foot, including: cocoa, considered a real superfood, an excellent source of magnesium with revitalizing properties (but not exciting, unlike coffee) and red poppy , whose infused flower helps manage anxiety and stress.

The infusion that best matches the concept of concentration. The recipe for this herbal tea is based on flavors and aromas that help to regain harmony and inner balance. For those who study, work in smart working or in an open-air office, it is not easy to maintain concentration for an extended period of time. And that is why in our recipe we have included mate, n exceptional substitute for caffeine that helps to maintain high attention, and ginkgo biloba, whose active ingredients are ideal for regaining mental freshness and stimulating cognitive abilities.

For when deadlines just can’t wait but you’re not feeling your best. This blend with immunostimulating properties helps you find the energy you need to get to the end of one of those days that seem to never end. Let yourself be helped by ingredients such as ginger, pepper and turmeric, a combo that awakens the mind and helps the immune system in case of headaches or muscle aches.

What can we do together: the Wilden.herbals break as you want it

Maybe you already know that these are just some of our recipes. The Remedia line consists of 8 products designed to help you on specific occasions or more simply to accompany you throughout the day.

Each order on our shop can be customized in many details, and even more so if you choose the Create your mix option. For each shipment you can choose the right amount of herbal tea for you (24, 32 or 60 bags) and your favorite flavors (including Morning, Night, Boost, Digestive, Hangover, Focus, Relax and Detox). Your moment of well-being will arrive directly at your office or wherever you want. 

The advantages and services dedicated to businesses

Would you like to create something special with our products? Let’s talk about! We are always interested in collaborating with new realities and opening up to new worlds.

We are also experts in packages to be created as a benefit for your collaborators or as a gift for your partners. We create super personalized corporate gifts: starting from tasting kits with our Remedia up to more structured boxes with company logo that also contain complementary products.

→ If you want to make a gift that is sustainable, elegant and full of well-being write to us at info@wildenherbals.com