Organic Herbal Tea CisTea · 10 Bags Box


CisTea is a herbal tea with diuretic action. Bearberry, juniper, horsetail, blackcurrant and corn silk promote the functionality of the urinary tract, while nettle and mallow have purifying and soothing properties.

CisTea has a herbaceous note balanced by the fruity flavour of blackcurrant and the floral flavour of elderberry, rounded off by the warmth of cinnamon. The result is a delicate and rich taste that recalls the sweetness of spices and the fragrance of freshly baked biscuits.

Directions for use


Leave 1 bag to infuse for 7-9 minutes in 300-500 ml of water at 95°.

We advise a maximum daily dose of 2 bags.


Wilden.herbals Health herbal teas are food supplements

Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.