Natural Pillow


Hemp hand-dyed natural color pillow. 

Filled with cherry pits for a very pleasant sound effect. Cherry pits are able to hold cold or hot temperature for a long time and to release it very slowly.
Each pillow is handmade and hand-dyed with natural colors extracted from madder and indigo plants, just following ancient recipes.

Size: 29×19 cm – Depth: 6 cm

“Thank you for choosing a handmade product with natural vegetable fiber fabric.
We hand-dyed every piece with natural colors from plants and following ancient dyeing recipes.
The natural colors infuse a pleasant feeling of energy and tranquility.
Each shade or variation of color is what makes it unique.
We advise you to wash it gently at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. You can use a detergent for wool or silk, previously dissolved in water.
Do not expose to the sun, do not bleach. Pay attention to acid substances.”