Laria Balsamic Honey (250g)


Honeydew honey, propolis, essential oils. Ancient recipe, consolidated over the years.

Forest honeydew, dark honey, rich in mineral salts, balsamic to the taste, less sweet. Eucalyptus, mint, green pine, thyme, juniper and orange essential oils extracted by infusion and steam distillation, the propolis produced by the Company’s beehives, collected only from nets, very pure. It is a magical substance from the hive, a true bee pharmacy.

Propolis is used to seal parts of the hive, it is useful for creating a protective veil in the hive, it is used as a defense against external agents or pathogens.

It is rich in about ten bacteriostatic substances, the most significant antibiotic action derives from galangin, a flavonol that is easy to titrate and therefore quantifiable in action.