Organic Sicilian Blood Orange Jam


Fratelli Ferrante only selects the best Sicilian oranges to make an organic blood orange jam. A perfect expression of the best qualities in fruit.

The company has created a blend mixing the Moro and the Tarocco orange type. The result is a ruby red jam rich in taste and with berries notes. All the oranges are peeled by hand and the peel is added to the pulp cut into pieces.

The fruit is vacuum concentrated at 55 degrees Celsius, thus the flavor is kept intact. For 100g of product, Fratelli Ferrante uses 130g of oranges.

Recommendation for use

You can taste it on bread, rusks or biscuits on breakfast. Put it on yogurt or ice cream. Try it with meat for important food pairings. It gives its best with long-aged cheeses.

Weight: 220g.