Lemon Honey (250g)


A honey that testifies to the bees’ love for the splendid lemon blossom. Sweet at first, it then remains on more acidic notes that recall the typical lemon zest used for a vanilla preparation. Fresh and sparkling, it has an aftertaste reminiscent of an exotic fruit not yet ripe. In the mouth it is extremely creamy and velvety with a finish reminiscent of a candied citrus peel.

How to use it

It goes well with any sweet or savory preparation that involves the use of citrus fruits.

In the kitchen, we recommend it in sautées or for cooking onions and leeks (without the use of oil), but also for fish in oven cooking or raw on legume creams. In pastry it is an excellent ally for creams or in the dough of shortbread and perfect for candying orange or lemon peels.