Laria Balsamico Honey (250g)


Honeydew, propolis, essential oils. An ancient recipe, perfected over time.

Honeydew from the woods, a dark honey, rich in mineral salts, with a balsamic taste, less sweet. Eugenol oils of eucalyptus, mint, scots pine, thyme, juniper and orange, extracted by infusion and distillation in vapor streams, the propolis collected from our hives, only by netting, is totally pure. It is a magic substance produced by the hive, a real bee pharmacy.

Propolis serves to seal off parts of the hive, creating a sort of protective veil, a defense against outside agents and pathogens. It contains almost a dozen bacteriostatic substances, the most significant in terms of antibiotic action being galangin, an easily titrated flavonoid, whose action can thus be reliably quantified.