Remedium n.4 · Hangover
30 Bags Cotton Pouch


Remedium – 4 is a complex recipe, composed of 11 herbs specifically selected and chosen to guarantee a regenerating sensation like a new start, especially when in “Hangover”.

In this remedium we find ingredients like lemon, lemongrass and orange which are rich in Vitamin C and toning properties; mint, ginger and licorice are so flavorful that are the ones characterizing the taste, giving the infusion a fresh and fragrant flavor. Black pepper and turmeric blend together, while mallow, gentian and chamomile guarantee the balance between all the herbs, favoring a synergistic action for the liver, the stomach and the intestines, while releasing a marked energetic sensation.

Recommendations for use: each bag is meant to be used in water up to 600ml.

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