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Making Wilden: Piccolo Seeds’ urban gardens

The Piccolo Seeds guys started their adventure with a dream: to create vegetable gardens on the balcony or terrace. This is the story of a seed capable of making a new world sprout.

Starting from simple things and revolutionizing the way we live. Behind every little cultural act, there is a passion. The respect for nature drives Wilden.herbals close to projects and producers. The fil rouge that binds them is the desire to see the world with renewed eyes and this is the story of some of them.

We were taught that only in large spaces, nature can express itself at its best. This is not the opinion of the guys at Piccolo Seeds who started their adventure with a dream: to create vegetable gardens on the balcony or terrace. Their combinations of seeds are born to give life to small potted gardens with compact plants, easy to grow or edible flowers for those who pay attention to the aesthetics. This is the story of a seed capable of making a new world sprout.

Where do you find them?

On our new website, where you can buy the combinations that best suit your garden. [Soon also on Wilden’s new website!]

Which is your philosophy?

FILIPPO: It is not a question to ask to those who studied philosophy at university, it would take too long to answer. Today, in any case, it is: love is the law.
I don’t know how to answer open questions, I’ve always preferred those with crosses. What I can say is that I know that I don’t know.

What does it mean to rediscover the earth today?

F: Knowing how to do magic.
S: Knowing how to see. The earth is around us never hiding.

Food: a childhood memory

F: My mother’s parmigiana, which has remained incomparable.
S: My grandmother Renata’s milk thistles, which now I try to cook.

How is your product born?

F and S: From research. It starts with old seed catalogs, a friend who asks you if you know anything about a given plant, a chef who uses a particular herb in a dish. Then we deepen and understand if this plant meets the taste and needs of our customer, check the availability, imagine a pack and it’s done.

What does it mean to you to be “Healthy and Wild”?

F: Knowing how to get food. At the sea (mussels, cockles and mussels in general), in the mountains (the newly sprouted porcini mushrooms), in the plains (grisol or silene and bruscandoli).
S: Go to the river with a bottle of wine and some friends, sit on the bank with your feet in the water and wait for the sunset.