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Wilden.herbals and lifestyle: let’s discover Nuce Store, concept store in Pesaro

Concept stores are becoming more and more widespread as they allow its clients to have a full vision rather than focusing on a single product. That’s exactly the case of Nuce Store in Pesaro: from ceramics to a variety of related items. passing through Wilden.herbals infusions.

Wilden.herbals’ flexibility has pushed us to explore a wide variety of sales channels, with the important result of being always coherent with our vision and our accounts. A good example are concept stores, physical retail stores devoted to those design products which are a real joy for the eyes, the perfect environment for our herbal teas. Located in Pesaro, Nuce Store represents exactly our aesthetic approach and taste. We had a little chat with Agnese, ceramist and owner of the store: let’s get to know her and Nuce.

Agnese in her concept store in Pesaro, Italy

Can you tell us more about Nuce Store?

Nuce Store is a concept store that was born inside my lab A.P. Ceramiche. In addition to the ceramics that I make by hand you can also find products and objects selected by me, they’re of brands that come from all over the world. It is not easy for me to define this place with just one expression because it is a laboratory, a shop but it is especially a place where people can meet and live with a convivial spirit.

What do your clients think of Wilden.herbals? What’s the best-seller herbal tea?

My clients love all your herbal teas! They find all the products fantastic and top-quality: for them it’s the perfect cuddle and a special gift idea. Remedium n°1 – Night is a must, but also Remedium n°4 – Hangover has been widely appreciated.

What do Nuce Store and Wilden.herbals share according to you?

I should say the selection of raw materials and quality: for me care and attention to detail are fundamental.

How did this collaboration become reality?

I did a lot of research to find the products I wanted to sell because I was looking for something that matched my taste. With Wilden.herbals it was love at first sight: from packaging to graphic design and again the use of eco-sustainable materials. In addition, herbal teas are very good.

Tell us about your typical client.

Luckily I don’t have a typical client. Fortunatamente non ho un cliente tipo. People of all ages and with different tastes come into the shop. It is also interesting for me to discover and understand their choices.

Plants and Nature: an anecdote in your life or profession.

The name means walnut in Latin. That’s why I decided to place a vase full of walnuts in the very doorway of the store: my clients can eat them. My intention is to pick all the shells, to make an ash paint with them and to use it to glaze my ceramics.

And when do you feel healthy and wild?

Everytime I dive into the sea.

If we told you “Share Your Nature”, how would you understand it?

I try to take life philosophically, calmly and without too much stress.

We thank Agnese for choosing Wilden.herbals for Nuce Store and for giving us precious time for this interview.

If you also own or manage a concept store where you would like to sell our products, write to us at info@wildenherbals.com, we will be happy to meet you and collaborate with you!