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NaTeavity, the Wilden.herbals Health infusion that helps stimulate breast milk during breastfeeding

Say hello to Health: it’s time to talk about the new project by Wilden and how we created NaTeavity, the herbal tea that helps stimulate breast milk supply

The Health line is the new Wilden.herbals project. We have debuted the new line with 4 functional herbal teas available from February 2023, each designed for specific needs and requirements:

  • QuieTea, to promote calm in times of stress
  • PreCycle, to counteract PMS symptoms
  • CisTea, to relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infections
  • NaTeavity, to help increase breast milk supply

The Wilden team used enthusiasm and passion as fundamental ingredients to create products dedicated to health and well-being. As we did for the Remedia line, we started with a careful selection of raw materials that respect the millenary culture of medicinal plants.

In this article, you will find lots of information on the Health line, but even more on NaTeavity, which helps stimulate breast milk supply. If you want to learn more about the birth of the Wilden.herbals Health line, this is the right article for you.

How we created a new line of organic herbal teas

The Health line has its roots in the study of millenary cultures that conceive health has being in deep connection with nature.

It took us a year from the conception phase to the realization – even if this project was one of the dreams of Nicola Robecchi, founder of Wilden.herbals, from the beginning of his entrepreneurial adventure. The Health line has undergone many phases: the study of over 120 plants, research, experimentation, and development, always in close contact with specialized figures like doctors, chiefs, pharmacists, and herbalists.

The recipes of the first 4 herbal teas we have created are based on rigorous scientific backgrounds, medicinal studies, and a careful study of the use of plants according to traditional culture. LThe sources we have used to ascertain the reliability and safety of plants are the World Health Organization, Kommission E and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). But they are also a balanced product in terms of aromas and taste. We have always kept our customers in the loop through focus groups, tasting sessions, and personal questionnaires.

The concept of health for us and our approach to breastfeeding

The Wilden team started from a sentence that is worth gold to us: nature and health are connected. We made a commitment to the definition of health given by the WHO: a complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being, that is more than the simple absence of disease or infirmity. This is what it means for us to feel good: to live our relationship with body, mind, and the people we love in a healthy way.

To give birth to NaTeavity, an herbal tea to help stimulate breast milk we started thinking about the concept of motherhood a delicate moment that should be lived in a positive way. Motherhood and breastfeeding are particularly challenging periods (and with it come many things to learn, doubts, and questions!): being on the side of women and offering a pleasant experience is the main goal of the Wilden.herbals Health line.

The mission of Wilden.herbals Health herbal teas is to offer a herbal solution to take care of the mind and body through a new and natural approach that enhances medicinal plants and their synergistic effects.

NaTeavity, the herbal tea that helps stimulate breast milk during breastfeeding: who it is for, how it works, and when to drink it

Let’s get straight to the point: being a new mom is a full-time job! NaTeavity was born as a relaxing break (a real me-time in the midst of many mum-times) that could be beneficial for the mother and the newborn. In fact, this herbal tea helps the production of breast milk thanks to the properties of Goat’s Rue and alpha-alpha and the draining effect of fennel, while, the digestive action of anise and verbena supports well-being during breastfeeding.

It is an herbal tea you can drink at any time of the day. Excellent hot, but nonetheless good even if it has been left to cool – we know sometimes even if you are planning something in the kitchen, there are things that get in the way. We suggest starting to drink it after childbirth and at any time during breastfeeding.

Here is our best advice for consuming this herbal tea: leave 1 bag to infuse for 7-9 minutes in 300-500 ml of water at 95°. Do not exceed 2 bags per day: NaTeavity is a food supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

NaTeavity, the herbal tea that helps stimulate breast milk and give support during breastfeeding: the ingredients and plants we have chosen

Inside NaTeavity you will find these medicinal plants (below we also indicate the herbal tea section):

  • Green Anise (Pimpinella anisum L.)Fruits Cut.
  • Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) – Fruits Cut
  • Lemon (Citrus limon (L.) Osbeck.) – Peel Cut
  • Lemon Verbena (Aloysia citrodora)  – Leaves Cut
  • Alfa-Alfa (Medicago sativa L.)  – Leaves Cut
  • Goat’s Rue (Galega officinalis) – Leaves Cut

Why we chose these ingredients

  • Anise has a digestive function: it contributes to regular gastrointestinal motility and to eliminating gas.
  • Fennel helps minimize liquid retention; it also has an important digestive action as it promotes gastrointestinal transit and eliminates gas.
  • Lemon is recognized as an ally during digestion as it helps regulate gastrointestinal motility and eliminate gas.
  • The fragrant verbena helps in the digestive process and is a valid support for regulating sweating.
  • Alpha-alpha aids in lipid metabolism.
  • Goat’s rue has an important galactagogue function (it promotes and stimulates breast milk), as well as being a precious ally in the drainage of body fluids.

NaTeavity has a markedly herbaceous taste given by the Goat’s Rue, sweet notes of anise and fennel and the citric lightness of lemon and verbena. The result is a complex aromatic bouquet reminiscent of freshly cut grass and a natural, relaxing freshness.