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Meet the team: Wilden’s storytelling

A conversation with Wilden.herbals team and the multifaceted personalities behind the project. Today we meet Giuliana Pizzi and Carolina Chini who deal with communication, narrating the brand day after day.

When we say that Wilden. herbals is made of people, it is not a sentence made. Each member of the team is a galaxy in itself, able to bring its own personal and unique vision. Wilden was born as a project and vision before he was even produced. In this new column, we tell you about the Wilden. herbals team in tandem as for partners in crime that work best.

Giuliana and Carolina are Wilden.herbals‘ communication dream team. Their mission is to spread the wild philosophy and the story of a brand in which they are the first to believe firmly. Here are some pills.


Giuliana: 31
Carolina: 36


G Content creator and copywriter
C Designer and social media manager


G An escape to Marseille
G Skiing in Kurdistan / abolishing the car as private transport

You and the cooking?

G When I am stressed, I get relaxed by cooking sweets
C On and off

Other taleents?

G Home DJ
C Serial collector of futile knowledge

Giuliana Pizzi


G Retro shoes, light trench coat and book under the arm
C Thick glasses, thick shoes

Working together is:  

G Leaving certain nerves uncovered, knowing that the other will be able to fill your gaps
C A magnificent thing!

Where can you meet more often?

G In a book store
C Riding a bike

When do you feel “Sano e Selvaggio”? 

G On summer nights, with the window open and the cicadas singing.
C Cycling at breakneck speed in the fields of the parco agricolo of southern Milan when dawn is breaking.

Carolina Chini