How does a mix work?

Wilden.herbals lets you create a mix of herbal teas from the Remedium line that truly reflects your personality, your rhythms and your days.

How many herbal teas make up a mix?

You can choose the herbal teas you prefer and the quantity that suits you between 24 or 32 teabags.

Why create a mix?

Because each of us is different and experiences herbal teas in a personal way. This is why we thought of a way of interpreting Wilden in total freedom, literally out of the box with respect to our single-flavour cases.

Be your own herbal infusion DJ and compose the perfect mix with everything you like best. What’s more, it can become an amazing gift for the people you love the most: a unique feel-good mix that fits perfectly with their lifestyle!

Is there a predefined number of flavor sachets I can add to the mix?

Based on the quantity of teabags and flavors chosen, we will present you with the most equal composition.

You can obviously change it by modifying the number of teabags, increasing or decreasing it by multiples of 6 until you reach the total you had selected.

What if I want to receive the mix on a regular basis?

Did you know you can turn your mix into a subscription? This way you will receive your mix on a fixed basis – every 3 months.

A choice that it’s good for you and the planet: it allows us to lower the number of shipments and have a lower ecological impact.

I like the subscription idea: can I find out more?

We have prepared a page with all the most frequently asked questions about Wilden’s subscription. We tell you about it in detail here .

Do you have any doubts or questions to ask us? Contact us via chat by going to the yellow icon at the bottom right or write to us at .

Enjoy your mix!