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How to: cold herbal tea with Remedium n.4 – Hangover

Cold herbal tea is the right remedy against summer heat. Wilden.herbals takes you to the step-by-step discovery of quick and easy recipes to make cold herbal teas to share and drink in company.



  1. bring 1/2 liters of cold water to a boil;
  2. infuse for at least 10 minutes with wilden.herbals: 2 bags are enough for 1 liter of water or 4 g of infusion in herbal tea cut if you prefer it loose, then set it aside and let it steep. After the infusion, let it cool until it reaches 40-50 ° C and add the fruit cut into small pieces; 
  3. let the fruit soak for at least 3 hours, chilled in the refrigerator;
  4. add honey to taste to sweeten;
  5. serve with ice, as you like.

Happy summer from Wilden!