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Cinnamon, mon amour. All you need to know about the most used spice

From Christmas cookies to the most delicious cakes, cinnamon is a spice which knows what it’s about. Here’s what you need to know about its properties.

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What are the benefits of cinnamon?
What are the properties of cinnamon?
How to use cinnamon?

In this article we praise the benefits, properties and uses of cinnamon, one of the ingredients of our Remedium Morning n. 0.

Originating from Sri Lanka, cinnamon has travelled all around the world until it became very popular and beloved even in Nordic countries. It’s an evergreen plant and can be 10 meters tall. The spice we all know is extracted from the inner bark of the branches of this gigantic tree.

What are the benefits of cinnamon?

Considered as a precious gift in the Middle Ages, cinnamon was synonym with big prestige. It wasn’t just valuable, but also useful: its benefits are indeed various. It’s an excellent ally against exhaustion and, with honey, it turns out to be a real cure-all au naturel.

What are the properties of cinnamon?

Cinnamon is one of the most ancient spices in the world and among its properties we notice a stimulating effect against common cold symptoms.

As a natural antiseptic, it can be useful to reduce glycemia thanks to high levels of polyphenols. Feeling a little weary lately? Try a spoon of cinnamon with honey, the perfect combo against fatigue! Don’t forget cinnamon has digestive properties, too.

How to use cinnamon?

Cinnamon is the queen of Nordic cookies and sweets. Kanelbullar, gingerbread, strudel, the list goes on! Nowadays it’s always easier to know how to use cinnamon in cooking.

Leading ingredient in our Remedium n.0 – Morning, it’s perfect as slimming herbal tea always ready to use. Trivia: this spice has debuted in Neapolitan cuisine by giving a special twist to an iconic dish, cacio and pepe. A very gourmet marriage that could surprise you. Let’s try it, then!

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