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Black Pepper herbal tea. When the “king of spices” is inside your mug

When you mention it, you have to bow down. Yes, you’re in front of the “king of spices”. In this post you’ll see it in an unconventional way. We are talking about black pepper and in particular about our Remedium N°2 Boost which has no less than his peppery Majesty among the ingredients.

But before, a bit of context and history. Black pepper is now grown mostly in Vietnam and has been, together with salt, the most common spice in the world for thousands of years. Brought to the Western world from Asia, it has enchanted ancient Arabs and ancient Romans; in the Middle Ages it was synonym with fine cooking, maybe because it was worth more than gold by weight.

Speaking of which, black pepper’s organoleptic properties are gold to your body.

Black pepper herbal tea has many benefits for your body

Black pepper herbal tea is just one of the many ways to consume black pepper. This spice is rich in biologically active chemical constituents. It’s impossible not to mention piperine, a molecule responsible for the distinctive spicy taste of black pepper. It’s thanks to her if black pepper improves digestion by assimilating nutrients and absorbing proteins.

Piperine’s magic has no limits. It has antioxidant, antimicrobial, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and antiasthmatic properties. Black pepper supports who wants to get rid of a bad flu by eliminating toxins. Plus it helps who wants to lose weight by burning more calories.

And in case you’ll notice you smile more, kudos to black pepper! According to recent studies this spice is a friendly ally against depression because it increases the endorphin levels that cause mental wellness.

Black pepper herbal tea: taste and pairings

Let’s finally talk about our black pepper herbal tea: did you know that the secret is in the pairing? His taste is typically smokey and fruity, intense, woody with citrusy and spicy notes. Let’s create the perfect pairing: 

  • black pepper herbal tea with ginger: both ginger and black pepper have a fresh and strong taste. Think of them as the perfect combo to increase blood flow and to wake mind, heart and body up.
  • black pepper herbal tea with turmeric, a winning combination to maximize energy and to give your digestion process a tonifying action
  • black pepper herbal tea with orange, the perfect blend to exalt citrusy notes of both the ingredients and to boost your body’s natural defenses.

Curious to taste a herbal tea with black pepper, ginger, turmeric and sweet orange? Then take a look at our Remedium N°2 Boost.